Few Gas Stations Open in Mamaroneck Village; 40 Percent of Village Still Without Power

Village of Mamaroneck officials provided their daily update on the village's recovery from Sandy.

Update 5 p.m. - An additional five percent of the VOM has had their power restored, according to a statement from village officials.  Currently, 35 percent of village residents remain without power.

"It is important to note that these power outages are caused by the estimated 200-300 trees and major tree branches that have fallen and taken down power lines around the village, contributing to all of these outages. Additionally, we are affected by the restoration of power in adjacent communities such as Harrison, Rye, and the Town of Mamaroneck, since the electrical feeders come to us through them," said Village Manager Richard Slingerland in a statement.

The latest statement from the village:

The following areas of the Village of Mamaroneck have had electricity restored:

1. Palmer Avenue from the Town Line to Mount Pleasant Avenue

2. Parts of Orienta including Fairway Green and Orienta Garden Apartments

3. Fenimore Road, east side

4. Mount Pleasant Avenue and Prospect Avenue to Mamaroneck Avenue

5. Boston Post Road except from Delancey Avenue to Fenimore Road

6. Portions of The Heights


The schools are projected to have electricity restored by this Monday, Nov. 5, 2012, to allow schools to reopen, and to provide election polling places for the elections taking place on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012.  As these sites are restored, adjacent areas will have their electricity restored too.

Lastly, please ration your gas and limit your car use. We have been informed the gas stations in the village are fast running out of gas, if they have not already used up their supplies.  We expect that while many stations in Westchester County still have gasoline, unfortunately they cannot dispense it if they do not have electricity.


Update 4 p.m. - According to local residents, two gas stations are open in Mamaroneck, but be prepared for long lines.


Officials in the Village of Mamaroneck (VOM) are urging residents to conserve gas as there are no open gas stations in the village as of today.

From VOM Mayor Norm Rosenblum:

As of the latest Con Ed mutual county call:

I have received numerous calls and emails expressing frustration regarding the slow restoration of electric in approximately 40 percent of the village. It certainly is understandable and shared by many others, including myself, and the VOM administration. The best explanation is the following Con Ed logistics procedure:

  • Downed trees/wires are reported to the Police/Fire Department; they respond and secure the area.
  • Con Ed is summoned and turns off the power.
  • Con Ed then authorizes the VOM to be able to clear the street/downed trees.
  • VOM clears the roads  (There are numerous sites reported - all sites have been reported) with downed trees. Approximately 45 remain of 200-300 reported sites.
  • Con Ed sends a restoration crew to re-establish power.

Currently the primary spots in the VOM are Mamaroneck High School, Rye Neck High School and the Westchester Joint Water Works. These are top primary sites as public health and safety concerns. Con Ed has brought in a third clearing crew to help expedite the removal of trees on all reported blocked roads. The immediate target is to have the schools open by Monday.

Unfortunately, Con Ed reports that full restoration may be as late as Friday, Nov. 9 (countywide). We are doing everything we can to clear all roads and attempt to have restoration crews in the village before Con Ed's projected target.

We will continue to send updates daily.

Please note the VOM offices still do not have working land lines, please contact the temporary numbers as follows:

Village Manager:  1-914-298-7401

Clerk-Treasurer: 1-914-298-7388

Police Department: 1-914-777-1122

Public Works: 1-914-777-7745 (is working)

Building Deptartment: 1-914-298-7405

In Larchmont, many traffic lights remain out and police are directing traffic. Several businesses in town—including Village Paint and Weichert Realtors—had signs out front that encouraged residents without power to come in to charge their devices. 

Some traffic lights on Boston Post Road were still not functioning, and Mamaroneck Avenue was a hub of activity as people visited restaurants and businesses that still had power.

Editor's Note: Additional information was added about open gas stations in Mamaroneck.

Denise November 03, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Mamaroneck Gas Station Trying to Open - needs power I have been corresponding with the owner of a gas station and will give the information here. I wrote his information to Town Supervisor of Town of Mamaroneck Nancy Seligson who is giving the information to the Mayor of the Village of Mamaroneck. If anyone can contribute help or ideas, here is the information ending with an e-mail contact. This isn't about me, its about this gas station so please address any comments to the e-mail contact. Thank you! "This is the Shell Gas Station in Mamaroneck at 708 E.Boston Post Rd I have reported our power outage since the hurricane took out our power. I have been reporting to Coned by phone email and online, we were given a repair date by 11/9 although i kept mentioning to them that we have some gas in our tanks and we will be having deliveries from our distributor as soon as power is restored. This morning I go to check the status of the repair on the coned site and it says that my site was never reported as being, even when I called coned this morning they denied the reporting. Does anyone know how to expedite this matter? cause I tried calling my DPW and village and no one answers. Please report this to your state officials or some sort of higher authority. At a time when people are in line for hours and freezing Coned is denying us power. Lastly please be safe and patient we are all in this together. Thanks,Saad Taha contact info:bostonpostservice@gmail.com"
Bettina Nelly Aguilar November 04, 2012 at 12:48 AM
I just got the info that Sunoco near Taco Bell has gas and the line runs well
Bettina Nelly Aguilar November 04, 2012 at 01:09 AM
I'm sorry I just deleted my post because I wrote @Denise instead of @Lisa. I wanted to wrote to @Lisa. I said that we were trying to help you feel better in this situation about "Sandy" .I'm not a teeneger either and of course I suffered for hard situations too is so mean from you to say that "perhaps I have to". Take your time and strengh that you show here in a positive way and I'm sure you will fell better. Have a good night.
Bettina Nelly Aguilar November 04, 2012 at 03:10 PM
@Denise, you don't deserve more words from me is a waste of time, be old doesn't mean to be like you,I hope from the bootom of my heart to continue to be like I am today in my sixties too not so far. Best of luck in these complicated days
Amy Sincoff November 08, 2012 at 11:36 PM
It is Nov 8th I have been checking everyday for my status on Con Edison website. First they said it was goin to be Nov 4th Sun night then they changed to Tues night of 6th and then again they changed it to today the 8th and now they have changed it to this coming Sun the 11th. I am getting really pissed off. Just promise to stick with the date instead of changing it every few days. My house is freezing. Granted, I have a fireplace but doesn't help much. I have a relative I can go to for awhile but I can't leave my cats alone all night without comforting them and body heat when snuggled up. I am deaf and have no way of calling out on landline phone in case of emergency bec of elecricity. There r at least 10 blocks of houses an apts surrounding my block that has elecricity but not my street or the street around the corner. I even went to the police station for some help to prompt Con Edison. No luck, Con Edison still said dunno when and then they changed it from 8th to 11th deadline. I know most of us r luckily coated to others who r worse off . I am even going to Rockaways tmw to drop off supplies. But the point is don't con us with false deadlines and constant postponements . Streets that r out of lights r Heathcote Ave from Palmer Ave to Stanley Ave and Stanley ave to Delancy St thank you


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