Checklist for the Final Walk-through of Your New Home

You've bought a new house..but, wait, there's one more step to complete before the final papers are signed.


The final walk-through of your new home is not something to be rushed; plan to take 30-60 minutes to complete this important task.  You should be as detailed as a home inspector.  In fact, you may want to include your home inspector in the walk-through.

Here’s a short checklist for the final walk-through:

  1. Conduct the walk-through right before the closing.  The best time to do the walk-through is on your way to the closing but if for some reason this is not possible do it the day before. Once you close on the property, you own any problems.
  2. Check to be sure repairs were made.  If you had asked the seller to make repairs or replace something and the seller agreed, make sure that they were done. You should bring a copy of your home inspection report with you so you can check on what has been done.
  3. Ask for receipts for any repairs.  The receipts will prove that the repairs were made and by whom, in case there are problems later.
  4. Test everything.  Make sure appliances, lights, heating and air-conditioning systems, furnaces, faucets and toilets are all in working order.
  5. Check windows and doors. All windows and doors that were in working order when you agreed to buy the property should be when you close on it. So, open and close windows and doors to be sure they work. Test the latches and locks. Also, make sure all the screens that were in place when you did the inspection are still there.
  6. Check for items you purchased with the house. If your contract states that the drapes, refrigerator and dining room chandelier are supposed to stay be sure they’re still in the home and in good condition.
  7. Bring your real estate agent with you. Your agent should accompany you on the walk –through.  If any problems are found, you or your agent should let your attorney know immediately so it can be discussed at the closing and resolved.


Here’s a link to a longer, more comprehensive final walk-through checklist.


Liz Boucher is the Branch Manager of the Coldwell Banker Larchmont office which specializes in both residential and commercial real estate. Liz has been in real estate sales since 1998. She is an associate broker and has been managing the Coldwell Banker office since 2006. You can contact her at 914-834-7100 or at liz.boucher@cbmoves.com


Gemil lacroix July 27, 2012 at 11:11 AM
Great idea thanks for sharing!


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