Senior Prom Isn't Just For High Schoolers: Sarah Neuman Residents Celebrate Third Annual 'Prom'

Residents of the Sarah Neuman Rehabilitation Center in Mamaroneck turned out for a celebration sure to rekindle many memories on June 27.


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The seniors at Sarah Neuman Rehabilitation Center in Mamaroneck celebrated the third annual Senior Prom event, complete with the crowing of a prom king and queen.

Musician and entertainer Gerard Corbett provided wonderful tunes all night long and kept the mood lively. The residents however were most delighted by the family members in attendance that got up to sing for them.

Lori Grossman, Sarah Neuman Center community coordinator said, “Each year prom night has a new twist, and this year we had a huge turnout from our resident’s family members. It was so terrific that several of them volunteered to perform for us. Our own medical director, Dr. Elaine Healy, even surprised the crowd with her musical gift! There’s a lot of talent in our Sarah Neuman family!"


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