The Simple Truth About Dog Training

The truth is that dog training is very simple. There are really only five components to successful dog training.

“As my friend, Dr. Steve Franklin, a college professor from Emory University who taught me this, said, ‘The great truths in life are the simple ones. You do not need three moving parts and four syllables for it to be significant.’ He then pointed out that ‘there are only three pure colors--but look what Michelangelo did with them. There are only seven notes, but look at what Chopin, Beethoven and Vivaldi did with them. For that matter, look at what Elvis did with two!’
Most of us prefer things we can understand. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is short and clear with nearly 80 percent of the words only one syllable. ‘God is love’--three words, all of them one syllable.” – Zig Ziglar

One of the biggest mistakes in dog training is to over complicate it.  People think that there is some mystical and complex process that Cesar Millan only knows.  As world renowned business expert and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar points out; you can create and achieve so much with just the basics.

If you try to over complicate the dog training process, you are sure to fail.  All successful dog training begins with a proper assessment of what the root cause of the problem is.  That’s where the help of a professional is most useful.  Once you make that proper determination, then you are well on your way to success.  The rest of dog training boils down to never using harsh corrections, making sure your timing of corrections or rewards is within 1.5 seconds or less (See my article entitled: “Importance of Timing”), being absolutely vigilant with your consistency to the plan, relieving your dog’s mental and physical energy (See my article entitled: "Relieving Your Dog's Energy"), and always setting you and your dog up for success through proper management of the problem.

Once assessed, there are only five components, and they can help improve many of the common dog training issues that owners face on a daily basis.  There are no overly complex systems with smoke and mirrors.  It is very simple to “Change the World for Dogs”, we just need to take action and do it.

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