Mamaroneck Schools Adds Back Bus Service for Grades 6-8

The following announcement is from the Mamaronneck Union Free School District:

At [Monday’s] Board of Education meeting, Dr. Shaps highlighted some new budget developments over the past couple weeks, including an increase in revenue due to an additional $183,000 in State Aid coming our way and expenditure reductions totaling $545,000, primarily as a result of a lower than anticipated sewer tax expenditure and a community member’s $200,000 donation to maintain co-op camp this summer.  

Because of the additional funds (about $745,000) available, the Superintendent recommended (and the Board has agreed) to put back into a Revised Superintendent’s Recommended Budget some programs/personnel that had been eliminated from the budget presented March 18th.  Among the programs put back into the budget are co-op camp and MHS summer school.  The Board also agreed to maintain the current level of yellow bus transportation for eligible students attending Hommocks Middle School and eligible private/parochial students in grades 6-8. Therefore, the issue of Hommocks busing has been taken off the table for [Tuesday] evening’s Board meeting. [Tuesday] evening’s meeting topics include the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption and the second reading of a revised transportation policy.


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