Mam'k Football Team Remembers Vietnam Heroes

By wearing black bracelets bearing the names of former alumni that served in Vietnam, the Mamaroneck High School football team will honor their sacrifices.


Following in the tradition of a ceremony that honored the fallen Vietnam veterans whose names appear in a showcase at Mamaroneck High School (MHS), organizer and MHS Class of '64 alumnus Sal Ticli—in conjunction with MHS Head Football Coach Anthony Vitti—have come up with another way to honor the men who sacrificed their youth to fight for the nation: The Twelfth Man.

Beginning this week through Oct. 12, members of the Mamaroneck football team will rotate wearing black bracelets with the names of all 12 veterans who perished in the war along with their vital stats such as rank, date they were killed in service, branch of service, location on the Vietnam Wall and location where they were stationed in South Vietnam.

One bracelet will be worn by Vitti for the entire week before the big Port Chester-Mamaroneck football game; the other 11 bracelets will be rotated among the members of the team until everyone has worn a bracelet.  Each year, the captain will wear the bracelet of a different veteran.

"We remember and honor these veterans in a simple and honorable manner. It is the responsibility of America to continue such traditions in a world of self sacrifice. Our new tradition marks a certain camaraderie of spirit, good friendship and loyalty much in the manner of a veteran," said Ticli.

The bracelets will remain in the Vietnam showcase year round.

"A name needs a story and must never fall on deaf ears," said Ticli.

Following are a list of the twelve men that were honored:

  •   L/CPL HAROLD HENRY SCHOCK USMC 20 OCT 65                              
  •   CPL EDGAR BROWER BURCHELL 111 USMC 4 JUNE 66                        
  •   CPL ROBERT DIROBERTO USMC 15 JULY 66                      
  •   MAJOR DANIEL JAMES KEATING JR. 22 USMC 22 MAY 68                 
  •   L/CPL ERNEST JAMES HILL USMC 14 JULY 68                               
  •   S/SGT RICHARD ALAN WESTERN USA 2O MAY 68                              
  •   PFC ANTHONY PHILIP AGAR USA 7 MAY 69                                        
  •   PFC VITO VITRO USA 28 FEB 69                                               
  •   SP4 JOHN BATTERSON JR. USA 19 JUNE 69                                      
  •   2nd LT. MARTIN JEROME KEOGH USA 2 MARCH70                             
  •   AIG DANIEL MARTIN BROWN USAF 4 JUNE 1971                        


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