Deadline Approaching for Mamaroneck School Board Applications

School board members serve three-year terms, establishing policy for the district.

By the Mamaroneck Selection Committee.

Have you been looking for an opportunity to give back to your community in a way that will make a meaningful and positive difference in the lives of our children? Are you passionate about our public schools and the education of our 5,000 students? Do you have experience and professional skills to contribute to and help maintain Mamaroneck as a leading school system? The Mamaroneck Selection Committee for The School Board of Education is looking for qualified candidates to fill anticipated 2014 term vacancies.

As a School Board Member, together with the Superintendent and District personnel, you will contribute to the following key responsibilities:

  • Developing District education priorities and goals and monitoring and evaluating progress
  • Establishing policy 
  • Approving contracts, bonds and influencing how our community’s tax dollars are spent with the annual budget

Candidates are being sought who are community minded and team players who care deeply about our public schools. An ideal board member should have strong communication skills and be able to discuss, analyze and synthesize information while building consensus across multiple constituencies. Experience with children in or just out of the Mamaroneck school system is a plus. School Board members are US Citizens, over 18 years old, and residents (must have over one year in-district residency) who are elected to three-year terms.

Board members are expected to attend two Tuesday evening meetings and one Tuesday morning meeting a month and should plan to give approximately 10 hours/week overall to Board activities.

If interested in applying for The School Board or would just like to learn more about the position, please email Ann Lefever of The Selection Committee at info@selectioncommittee.org. The application due date for the Committee’s endorsement is January 31, 2014. 

More information on the Selection Committee, the application process, and your school's representatives to the Committee, can be found at www.selectioncommittee.org.


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