Croton-Harmon's Master Teachers

The Croton-Harmon School District has an unusually large number of National Board Certified teachers.

The Croton-Harmon School District stands out when it comes to the number of National Board Certified teachers it has. Right now, the district has seven so called master teachers.

Croton-Harmon School District's National Board Certified teachers are: Erica Fiorini (CHHS), Kim Gaynor (CHHS), Erica Hubbard (CET), Jennifer Moore (CHHS), Thomas Naughton (CHHS), Noel Schoenleber (CHHS) and Megan Weiss (CET).

“This is the highest certification one can get and still remain working in the classroom,” said Superintendent of Schools Ed Fuhrman. “We take hiring very seriously here and we hold all of our teachers in very high regard. These seven represent the best of the best.”

All seven of the Croton-Harmon master teachers had to complete a rigorous assessment process. The process included analyzing student's strengths, preferences, interests and challenges, in an effort to come up with instructional plans that would meet the students' needs. In additional to meeting the students' needs, the plan had to promote measurable educational growth and success as well.

“The process really puts students first and requires evidence of student growth,” said CET teacher Ms. Hubbard. “I learned how to create diagnostic tools, collect data, revise my thinking, and enlist community support to increase student learning and success. You are evaluated not by what you do, but what your students accomplish.”

Hubbard and the other six Croton-Harmon teachers had to complete six separate assessments to obtain their National Board certification. All seven were reviewed by teachers in their certificate areas. The assessments required that the teachers submit four portfolio entries and six constructed response exercises. The educators then had to validate the decision they make with current research and by analyzing teaching, not only as a science, but also as an art form.

“While there are definitely personal opportunities for advancement for NBC (National Board Certified) teachers, it’s the motivation to be a master of their craft and make a difference with their students that paces them,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Deborah O’Connell. “The rigor they have endured to achieve this certification truly sets them apart.”

The school district says research shows that students of National Board Certified teachers often make higher gains on achievement tests.


Chris McHugh November 13, 2012 at 06:21 PM
Congratulations to Erica, Kim, Jennifer, Thomas, Noel, Megan and Erica!


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