Mam'k Residents Sound Off in Town Survey

The full results of a Town of Mamaroneck survey were discussed at Wednesday night's board meeting.


Town of Mamaroneck residents were clear on a few things in the town’s latest survey: there should be more shared services between the town and villages, enhanced flood mitigation and potentially one less garbage pick-up per week.

The vote on whether or not the property tax cap was a good thing was less decisive. About 33 percent voted to go over the cap to maintain existing services while about 30 percent urged budgetary restraint in order to stay within the two percent cap.

The full results of the survey—available here on the town’s website—provided intriguing, if not totally surprising, insights into resident’s likes, dislikes and suggestions for town officials.

Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson said, “Some of it is really interesting….some of it is really juicy.”

She continued: “As you know, our budgets are getting quite squeezed in municipalities and we thought this would be a good way to truly get to know what people think are the most important aspects of our community.”

There were 1,012 surveys collected, 4.8 percent of the town’s population aged 18 and older, according to the town.

Seligson said that respondents had a lot of things to say about the surrounding communities as well.

“I think it also gives us a sense of the crossover in the three municipalities. Many of the people commented about lots of things in the other municipalities. I think it will be helpful to share with the Village of Larchmont and Village of Mamaroneck and bring us together so we can talk about the responses between the municipalities.”

Ralph October 05, 2012 at 11:02 AM
Rather than mailing a survey to each household in the Town, so that each would have an equal chance of submitting its views and comments, to save money the Town relied upon an on-line survey, plus a paper version which one had to pick up and then hand in or mail in (no wonder that only about 25 people, of the about 25,000 people in the Town, submitted paper surveys). Even though notice of the survey was published in various papers, and cards telling people about the survey were handed out on rare occasions at various events and locations, even then the surveys themselves were not handed out, just cards telling people how to get the survey. As a result Town residents with internet access had far easier access to the survey than did those without such access, such as many older and many poorer Town residents. Thus the survey was not statistically valid, and produced some results which were probably inaccurate due to the way in which the survey was conducted, such as the large number of respondents who wanted to be contacted by the Town only via email (in all probability not a single Town resident without internet access would have asked to be contacted only via email). I find the idea of a survey very appealing, but I suggest that, when the next one is done, it be done not in the least expensive manner possible but, rather, in a way that affords all Town residents equal access, and thus produces more accurate results than this one did.
ll December 23, 2012 at 08:26 PM
I find the collection method troubling. I do have internet access and I get emails from the Town. I did not know about the survey until now (December) as I am going through old Patch articles. I just checked and I only received one email from the town on this topic and it was on August 21. The end of August is a terrible time to reach people. I was on vacation and missed the email. I think the town does a horrible job of communicating with residents. I am very disturbed about the vote to override the property tax cap. I have also heard that the town administrators voted to give themselves health care for life. I can't even verify if that's true or not. The town's website is never up to date. The last meeting minutes that have been published were dated Nov. 19 - today is Dec. 23 and there have been 2 meetings since Nov. 19. How can you hold a meeting without publishing the minutes from the previous meeting?


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