Post-Sandy Briarcliff Manor Village Manager's Update

Spot outages as tree limbs come down; fire department reports gasoline in the sewer.

The following is from Briarcliff Manor Village Manager Philip Zegarelli:

1. Spot Outages: because of lingering tree damage we have noted some individual outages due to tree hangers etc. Reminder:  if this happens to you, you need to call and report the situation to Con Ed at 1-800-75-CON ED to create a new “ticket”; get the “ticket number” and send the ticket number to me at pzegarelli@briarcliffmanor.org.

2. Cable and telephone line restoration:  Yes, it is “slo-mo” but workers are in the village. Reminder: If you have a cable or telephone outage, you need to call the number on your billing statement from your service provider. When calling Cable or the telephone, get a ticket or reference number and share it with us for VBM follow-up.

3. Residential service connection … Con Ed is responsible for your service from the pole to what is called the “splice” at your home. You are responsible from the “splice” to the meter (and into your home electrical panel).  If you have an individual service outage, you need to hire an electrician and file for a VBM Electrical Permit. The work requires inspection... it is for your own protection. Questions: call the Building Department at 944-2770.

4. Neighbor-to-neighbor damage:  the VBM is not and cannot be the arbitrator of neighbor-to-neighbor damage such as a tree on private property falling on your neighbor’s property or house.  Both parties need to consult your own insurance company or your attorney.

5. Storm Related Damage Clean-Up: Our DPW has been working extended hours since the storm and will continue to do so.  There is a timing issue also: FEMA and SEMO both have set a hard deadline date for storm related cost reimbursement to 30 days from the storm date. This is a fixed period for us to report to FEMA/SEMO and be counted.  Therefore, we require that you have your storm debris (both Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter) at curbside by SUNDAY, 25 November and in manageable sizes so that we have time to pick it up.  Unfortunately, the timeframe is not unlimited … this is how the reimbursement is calculated. Anything placed curbside after 25 November will be the responsibility of the home owner. Please direct questions to DPW at 941-9105. 

6. The Briarcliff Manor Police Benevolent Association will be hosting a clothing and supply drive to benefit the Long Island and Staten Island residents that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.~ The PBA will be collecting cleaning supplies, baby items, such as diapers and wipes, packaged/unused t-shirts, underwear, socks, gloves, scarves and hats for adults and children.~ Residents can drop off these items at Police Headquarters located at 1111 Pleasantville Road at any time.

7. Not to worry about the scheduled NYCDEP CAT shutdown tonight.  We are ready for the shutdown and all tanks will be topped off with no end result on you.

8. Dangerous Condition: our Fire Department recently responded to the smell of gasoline.  It appears that someone may have poured old gasoline down the sewer. I cannot tell you how many violations this equates to … but more importantly it had the potential to cause a dangerous condition  with explosive and potentially lethal consequences. Major flushing of the system was done by the FD.  DO NOT pour any volatiles down any sink, toilet or sewer. Call the Fire Department through the PD (941-2130) for guidelines regarding proper disposal.

9. Trails and Fields: we have re-opened our parks and fields on a cautionary basis. Please be watchful of your surroundings … especially for tree hangers and other debris.

10. Unless other issues intervene, tomorrow we will to the Friday VM’s Report format.  I want to thank all our workers and volunteers for their continued work efforts and to the VBM residents who have forwarded their comments and suggestions and thanks for our effort.


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