Not So Fast, Now 3 People Interested in Keith Seat. Killian, Neary and Mehler

We asked Charmian Neary and Julia Killian about their interest in the Rye City Council seat. Then a third person expressed interest in the temporary seat on Rye City Council.

And then there were 3...

At the last Rye City Council meeting, two people stepped forward to announce their interest in completing the term of Suzanna Keith: Julia Killian and Charmian Neary. And yesterday a third person came forward, Jason Mehler. 

Mayor Doug French said the issue of filling the vacancy and consideration of the residents who have expressed an interest in service will take place at the June 13 council meeting.

Rye Patch has asked all three to answer a questionnaire about their interest in Keith's interim seat. Check Rye Patch to find out their responses and read more about the developments surrounding the interim seat.

In the meantime, here are excerpted portions of the statements Killian, Neary, and Mehler submitted to the Council. 

What would you like to know about the trio? Send Rye Patch your questions and comments. 

Julia Killian:

There are four things that I can bring to the Council. First and most important, I love Rye, its people and its institutions. I want to keep Rye the jewel that it is while still moving forward to meet the challenges ahead. Second, my long tenure in Rye and involvement in a variety of causes and issues has helped me to develop a strong network of relationships that I hope would be helpful to the City. I provide a bridge not only to the citizens of Rye but also to the school board, the County and the State. Third, my background in Finance and my interest in public policy have helped me to better understand the challenges facing our city. Lastly, I want to continue to educate the residents of Rye on mandate relief and why it is so important to Rye, our schools and municipalities across the State.

Although Rye is in good financial shape relative to these municipalities, we do have our challenges. I would like to be a member of the Council to help Rye face those and other challenges ahead.

Charmian Neary:

I find time to make a significant and ongoing contribution to the Rye Caring Committee. It's not all cocktail parties and fundraisers - it's mostly behind the scenes - but it's reality... I can start tomorrow, and as I'm sure you've seen from my time at the lectern, I will contribute substantively from day 1. Whether the issue is informing the voters as to the scope of a bond and its value to the community, weighing the relative advantages of public works employees versus private carters, negotiating a uniformed services contract, or traffic mitigation and pedestrian safety, I have direct experience in my background which will benefit the council.

Jason Mehler: 

As an 11 year resident of Rye, my family and I have become active residents of our adopted hometown...I have worked locally since 2004 as an Associate Broker at Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty and our daughters Emily and Rachel are students at Milton School. My background in economics - I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Accounting from SUNY at Plattsburgh and worked as a corporate controller for more than 15 years in Manhattan – will be a great addition in helping the council with its essential task of fiscal accountability...

I understand we must do more with less. Expenses continue to rise and we must think differently to balance our budget. I have a proven professional record of developing new ideas. In addition, my extensive real estate background would be beneficial to understanding many current issues before the council.

tedc May 31, 2012 at 02:10 PM
I won't go back and forth with you on the integrity and honor points Don. I disagree and I am working for no one but the restoration of the kind of Rye I grew up in. You have not disclosed who you are working this election cycle - but apparently it’s not yet for honest local government, untainted by special privileges, available only for the sneaky political class few. http://www.lausdeo10580.com/lausdeo10580/2012/05/mayor-issued-bldg-permits-needs-no-variances-for-property-that-does-not-comply-with-zoning-code.html
RyeDad May 31, 2012 at 02:52 PM
I wouldn't waste my time contacting the owners of the Rye Record. From what I have heard Councilman Jovanovich and his wife Robin have become the laughing stock of Rye and it seems to me to be well deserved. The erroneous report/headline in the Rye Record that Keith had passed the mantle has not been retracted nor has anything been rewritten or reposted by Councilman Jovanovich and his wife Robin explaining how they made such an "error" as you call it. Perhaps a better headline would have been Keith tumbles, drops the mantle. Keith isn't in control of passing the mantle. It is not hers to pass along to someone who may have contributed to her failed campaign. It belongs to the residents of Rye who control the passing of the mantle. I cannot imagine how you or anyone else could claim that the Rye Record publishing French appointed Lillian to the Rye City Council was an error on their part. The way I see it is either someone told Councilman Jovanovich and his wife Robin that Killian was going to be appointed that night, Killian was actually appointed that night or Councilman Jovanovich and his wife Robin just made up the story that French appointed Killian. Did Councilman Jovanovich and his wife Robin fabricate the story that Killian got appointed to the Rye City Council by French? Was this done intentionally to give Killian an edge in the appointment process?
NAO June 12, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Interesting article that just appeared on the internet. Let the money trail speak for you. http://www.lausdeo10580.com/lausdeo10580/2012/06/killianscashcrusade.html
The Old Rye June 12, 2012 at 11:55 PM
In 1974, John Carey dealt with the same situation Doug French deals with now. (No, the Honorable Judge Carey who served 12 years on the Council, 8 as Mayor did not operate a business in violation of the City code, he did not apply for & receive an extra tax exemption either). Both Mayors were charged with filling a vacant Council seat. While I cannot remember what the Council’s criteria for its new member, I can safely say that political opportunists were not even in the running. Judge Carey encouraged a woman named Edith Read to step forward and serve. But she had no intention of launching a political career. Carey felt that Rye needed someone well versed in local issues, a passion for the community, and the confidence to vote AGAINST him if they disagreed. As John Carey always said, “being on the City Council is not a spectator sport”. I remember Mayor Carey was concerned about whether or not Ms. Read would accept if the Council voted to approve her. Already Carey had tried to name the recently established Rye Nature Center after her, but she humbly refused. Ms. Read was a figurehead in the community, championed environmental issues for decades, but she always tried to divert recognition elsewhere. Ms. Read served Rye with distinction and chose not to run in the election. In later years, the area next to Playland took her name. She was probably dead before they could pull that on her. What a contrast to Ms. Killian- a woman who bought her Council seat. For $76,000.
NAO June 13, 2012 at 01:25 AM
I think the ultimate outcome is based upon how the Council votes and what the taxpayers and voters of Rye think. People should come out tomorrow night and voice their opinions. Let's see if the taxpayers and voters of Rye are apathetic or if they are willing to take a stand.


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