New Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Party Chair Elected

The vice chair of the Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Party was elected to the role of chair last night.


The Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Party has elected Elizabeth Sanger as the new chair of the organization, according to a release sent out today.

Sanger—who has served as vice-chair of the Democratic Party since 2004—will replace former chair Elsa Puerto Rubin. Rubin will take over Sanger’s role as vice chair of the organization. Sanger will also replace Stuart Tiekert, who has been the acting chair since March of 2012.

A former teacher, Sanger has been “very involved in local politics since 1972.”

She served on many local boards including the Washingtonville Housing Alliance in addition to her work as an ESL teacher at the Hispanic Resource Center.  Sanger ran an unsuccessful bid for a trustee seat in the village in 2006.

Poor Richard September 25, 2012 at 09:01 PM
Dear Mary, how do you know the previous Chair and Vice chair were removed? Were you at the meeting? You seem to have good inside info. Love to know the details. I wonder if they might have realized that their candidates are pretty lame and are clueless about issues and resigned. Doesn’t seem like the new chair is all that involved with Village politics. I regularly watch the BOT (BEST SHOW IN TOWN!!!!!) and don’t recall seeing her speak up at meetings. At least the old chair cared enough about the Village to show up at board meetings ….…. Who else is in the Village Democratic Party “organization?” The candidates? This slate seems to think that they don’t need to be involved in issues and attend meetings till they are elected. Guess they don’t want to waste time in case they lose. You should tell them to get cracking. The one time I remember Mr. Potok appearing at the BOT he spoke about the water rates and he and had the facts wrong. He said he was on the budget committee? Shouldn’t he know better? Wonder if he can explain why airplane windows don’t open?
Mary Too September 26, 2012 at 02:03 AM
. Richard, don't hammer the Dem candidates too hard for being clueless about issues. One of them has only lived in Mamaroneck for TWO YEARS. How much can he know about issues in Mamaroneck? .
Mary Too September 27, 2012 at 04:06 PM
. Richard, obviously Mary was correct when she said that the Chair and the Vice Chair were REMOVED. Here's what someone said with regard to another Patch article: “I attended the Village Democratic Party’s reorganization meeting on Thursday when Mr. Potuk and Mr. Hallstrom stormed the room with a group of supporters to elect a new committee. Although both the Chair and Vice Chair indicated they no longer wished to serve, the candidates and their supporters aggressively and rudely pushed and pushed to limit the vote to a few “district leaders.” The Candidates were clearly looking for a fight. I’m not quite sure what a district leader is, or how one becomes one, but it appears that they brought their own district leaders to stack the vote. That had to have been planned beforehand in the “back room.” The candidates and their most vocal supporters were shrill, inarticulate, and completely unwilling to listen to anyone, reading the same statement over and over again. It was a horrible scene…. they are bullies not leaders and it is sad to think that they are the best the Democrats could offer. The audience learned nothing about their positions on issues, but a lot about their personalities and clear inability to deal with openly and respectfully with others. It’s clear that back room deals will be the norm for them.” .
Poor Richard September 27, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Mary, thanks for the clarification. I take it you are not a Dem? Why would the candidates fight with their own party? Seems kinda dumb. Mr. Potuk doesn't have much charisma. Guess the other guy doesn't either. Seems like Ms. Miller wasn't there. Perhaps she's keeping her distance.
Mary Too September 27, 2012 at 08:42 PM
. It appears that Ms. Miller had the common sense NOT to get involved in the fiasco. . You are correct, I am not a Dem. This does not mean that I automatically write off all Dem candidates, but for this election, that will be the case. I just think that the Rep candidates are far more qualified for the job. ,


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