Mamaroneck Village Nonunion Staff Gets 2 Percent Pay Hike

Vote follows settlement with CSEA on a four-year labor agreement covering union employees.

Managers and other nonunion Mamaroneck Village employees can expect a heavier pay envelope—the retroactive proceeds of a long-delayed salary bump—in the next few weeks.

The 2 percent pay hike, dating back to last June, follows a contract settlement with the village’s unionized workers, members of the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA).

22 department heads, confidential secretaries and others among the full-time employees will share in about $25,000 allocated for the pay raises. A handful of part-time—some seasonal—employees will split another $6,000.

The salaries of three other exempt employees—Anthony Iacovelli, general foreman of the Department of Public Works; Sally Roberts, the deputy clerk; and Lori Voss, the deputy treasurer—will be determined separately.

Iacovelli’s pay made when it was reported that over a six-year period he had collected—in error—more than $150,000 in overtime.

Salaries of nonunion employees had been frozen for almost a year when negotiations with union workers stalled.

Last week, however, the board of trustees approved a four-year contract with the CSEA. It provides, among other things, both an immediate 1 percent raise, retroactive to last June 1, and a onetime, lump-sum payment of $1,500 that will not be added to the salary schedule. Pay will continue to rise 2 percent this June 1 and next and 2.5 percent in 2013.

Nonunion employees, however, are not scheduled to receive another increase beyond last June’s 2 percent. 


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