Mamaroneck's Jefferson Avenue Bridge Project to Begin Monday

A $3.5 million project to replace the bridge will mean that commuters in Jefferson Avenue lots will need to find alternative parking.


After 80 years, Mamaroneck's Jefferson Avenue Bridge will soon be blown to kingdom come to clear the way for a newly constructed bridge that has been in the works since 2010.

According to a notice sent out by the Village of Mamaroneck (VOM), the estimated $3.5 million project will begin on Monday, Sept. 10, and will continue through June of 2013.  The Pleasantville-based Arben Group, LLC was awarded the bid by the VOM.

The work will take place in three phases; in the intial phase, the bridge and foundation (including center supports) will be demolished and the deck will be removed.  Once that's completed, concrete forms will be placed inside and the foundation will be poured.  The final phase will include delivery and placement of the bridge in sections.  

Due to its advancing age, —which sits over the Mamaroneck River—was in need of repair, with cracked and eroded sidewalks and an eroded stone wall as evidence of its demise. 

"A portion of the large lot on Jefferson Avenue, and the entire small lot at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Van Ranst Avenue will be closed and utilized for construction and staging of materials," said the notice from the village. 

The following areas will be closed through May 31, 2013, as per the village's website:

  • The smaller Jefferson Avenue Commuter Lot, by (Approximately 36 Spaces)
  • Approximately 13 Spaces in the larger Jefferson Avenue Commuter Lot
  • 15 metered spaces on Jefferson Avenue, by the Bridge over the Mamaroneck River
  • 64 total spaces will be temporarily closed for construction

Temporary parking using existing railroad permits will be allowed at the following locations:

  • Long-term parking meter spaces on Van Ranst Avenue
  • Any parking meter space on Jefferson Avenue between Van Ranst and Mamaroneck Avenues
  • Parking meter spaces on Halstead Avenue, on the railroad side of the street

Please be advised that the construction schedule will change, depending on the weather, field conditions, and the progress of work. For a map of new parking locations, please click here. 

Construction delays will be posted on the village's website or you can sign up for e-mail alerts on the village's website here.

ild September 04, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Much needed work to be done, but have one comment about Mamaroneck's timing of repairs (bridges and streets). The Friday before Labor Day weekend, I drove through the town, only to find many MAIN roads all chopped up - in preparation of repaving. As many individuals vacation during the month of August, AND schools are not in session, why wouldn't a town schedule major repairs during THE SLOW TIMES OF THE YEAR??!!?? Right before a holiday weekend AND before school starts (with buses and lots of traffic) our roads were in horrid condition? Am I the only one who feels like this?? Here it is, the day after Labor Day, and the roads aren't paved. School starts tomorrow. The roads will be exra busy, with people "back to work" AND children "back to school" . . . . with people slamming on their brakes in order to protect their cars from potential damage from roads in terrible condition! My question: who are the brains behind this operation, and "why can't I find a job"? I know I could do a better job at scheduling . . . . for sure!


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