Mamaroneck Condo Complex Still Not Habitable

Repairs to the Harborview Condominium Complex in Mamaroneck continue after a burst pipe caused damages to the building.


Though the immediate threat from a burst pipe has long since passed, residents of a Mamaroneck condo complex may have to sit tight for a few extra weeks before returning to their homes.

Occupants of approximately 61 units at Harborview Condominium Complex on 680 W. Boston Post Rd. were evacuated on Jan. 27 after a pipe burst in the basement of the building.  Though no one was injured, water damage from the pipe left 20 residences uninhabitable and electricity, gas and water lines shut down until repairs could be made.  Since then, residents have been allowed to retrieve belongings during certain hours, but have had to make arrangements to stay elsewhere until the building is declared habitable.

According to Mamaroneck Village Manager Richard Slingerland, the wait may be as long as two weeks.

“At this time, since the restoration is in the hands of the management company and condominium board, they reported to me that they estimate the earliest they can commit to get people back in their apartments is two weeks from yesterday,” said Slingerland, referring to the Feb. 20 return date quoted by the management company.

At the moment, the building’s management company, JNR, is awaiting a delivery of code compliant doors to replace those damaged in the flood.  Both water and electricity have been restored to the building and gas is expected to be turned back on by Friday, Feb. 8, said Slingerland in an update sent to building residents.

“Significant progress has been made by the condominium’s representatives and the village’s Building Department has committed major time and effort to complete the repairs to accomplish allowing the residents back in the units,” said Slingerland in the update.

Following the evacuation, an American Red Cross spokesperson confirmed that all residents were able to make alternative arrangements for shelter until the building was reopened.

Further updates will be posted on the Village of Mamaroneck website.

Residents are allowed to return to their apartments between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. for clothing and other necessities; they will be escorted by the building superintendent, Steve.  Police are on site as well.

Chief Siwanoy February 11, 2013 at 04:03 PM
Perhaps the reporter can find out why so many new doors for the units are needed when the damage was caused by a broken pipe and the superintendent was available to open the doors to the units.


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