Mamaroneck Community Groups Seek U.S. Funding for Projects

The Mamaroneck Village Board hears details of applications for Community Development Block Grants, then adds a few of its own.

Community leaders told Mamaroneck Village officials Monday how they hope to use federal grants to help the disadvantaged and breathe new life into their neighborhoods.

The Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) would help finance projects envisioned by the (CAP), , and (HRC) of Larchmont and Mamaroneck. The village itself also spelled out a number of projects for which it will seek CDBG money.

Federally bankrolled and county-administered, the grants took a 16 percent slash in funding during congressional budget negotiations earlier this year, one of the larger cuts to emerge from the Washington spending showdown. A final federal budget has not been adopted, and leaders locally looked to Washington to turn plans like these into reality:

  • CAP hopes to hire a full-time, bilingual social worker—at $50,000 a year—to help Executive Director Guisela Marroquin, CAP’s only other full-time staffer.   
  • Kathleen McArdle, administrator of the Sarah Neuman Center, laid out an ambitious, half million dollar renovation plan for the 300-bed residential healthcare facility. It would replace today’s single dining room, accessible for many patients only after long trips by wheelchair and elevator, with two kitchens and dining halls closer to the patient’s rooms.
  • Jeremy N. Ingpen, executive director of the Washingtonville Housing Alliance, is seeking $30,000 over three years to finance a “financial literacy” program, educating the economically disadvantaged about money and wealth, and another $140,000 over the same period to rehabilitate and manage a pair of two family homes in the village.
  • The HRC, with two projects, asked for a total of $90,000 in grants over three years, to be matched by $500,000 in center money. Treasurer Liz Liscio said a grant of $20,000 a year for three years would be matched by $400,000 to buy and renovate a building. A second $10,000 annual grant for three years and $100,000 in matching money would go to social services case management. “We try to get immigrants new to the community on their feet,” Liscio told the board.

Assistant Village Manager Daniel Sarnoff detailed almost $2 million in infrastructure improvements—largely trees, curbing and sidewalks—for which the village is seeking grant money to keep its share of the cost below $1 million.

The applications will now by forwarded to the Westchester Urban County Consortium, which has been the local conduit for CDBG funding since this program was established in 1976. The deadline for grant submissions is June 1.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article indicated that a $60,000 grant plus $400,000 in matching funds would be used to fund a renovation of the Mamaroneck Hispanic Resource Center's headquarters.  This has been corrected to reflect current information.

SRC May 18, 2011 at 04:48 PM
Can someone please tell me why we have the HRC and are providing funding for it and i still see hundreds of mexicans on the streets looking for work? Isnt the purpose of that place to provide a spot for them to look for work and gain skills?


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