Most Displaced Residents of Mamaroneck Complex Returning Home

Harborview residents have been displaced for nearly a month.


Nearly a month after they were displaced, residents of nearly all the units in Harborview Condominium Complex on 680 W. Boston Post Rd. will be allowed to return to their homes.

A temporary certificate of compliance was issued today by the Village of Mamaroneck Building inspector for all units in the Mamaroneck condo complex—which now deems the building safe for occupants after "restoration due to water damage"—except for six units in the “C” and “M” section that require additional work.

“Repairs that remain are mainly sheetrocking for fire safety reasons and as soon as those repairs are done then people can move back into those apartments. Those repairs could take approximately another week,” said Village Manager Richard Slingerland, continuing, “As soon as the state of those repairs are completed to a satisfactory level to comply with State Building and Fire Codes, the remaining residents may return to their apartments.”

Walls in the six units were not only damaged by water, but some were vented by firefighters after sparking appliances were discovered, said Slingerland.

Additionally, residents will not be able to access the building's garage until the ceiling has been replaced and other fire and building code violations are corrected.

"There was a river of water flowing into the garage," said Slingerland about the inital effect from the burst pipe. He said that initial fire reports stated that there were no major damages to resident's cars.

Occupants of approximately 61 units in the building were evacuated on Jan. 27 after a burst pipe in the building caused water damage that rendered the units uninhabitable.  Electrical, gas and water lines were all shut down until repairs could be made.

All residents made alternative arrangements and did not require the use of shelters during their time away from home.


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