Mamaroneck Activist Appears in Village Court

Luis Quiros, a community activist and author, was arrested in front of his Mamaroneck home on Feb. 14.


Members of the Police Accountability Network stood in front of Village of Mamaroneck Court today to support Mamaroneck community activist Luis Quiros, who was arrested in front of his home on Feb. 14 for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. 

Quiros' attorney—Mayo Bartlett, who has represented the family of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.— asked Judge Daniel Gallagher for Quiros' $200 bail to be exonerated.

"He's been a Mamaroneck resident for over 30 years—he's not going to flee the jurisdiction," he said in court.  

Judge Gallagher granted his request and the matter was adjourned until March 14.  

Several members of the Westchester Police Accountability Network were present in the courtroom in support of Quiros.

"Dark skin does not equal a crime. My feeling is that the Mamaroneck police treated it as a crime," said Alma Evans, a social worker and supporter of Quiros.

Evans said that she believes there is a pattern in Westchester County of police harassing persons of color and that police need better training in how they interact with the community.

"I'm here to demonstrate that the community is paying attention to things like this," she said.

BG7 February 28, 2013 at 07:20 PM
The converse is having darker skin also doesn't equal a pass on acting belligerently and being an uncooperative male-donkey when questioned by officers. I've been stopped and questioned. If I'd acted like an arse I'd have got into a stupid confrontation also unless the officer had been the Dalai Lama. Police in Westchester often do have issues with skin color. Its a problem, the Chamberlain case is awful, and the Grand Jury's decision...! but Mr. Quiros isn't the man to hang your case on, as much as he wants to be a martyr.


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