Katz Murder Suspect Indicted On Nine Counts

Reginald Powell, the main suspect in the December 30 murder of Mamaroneck resident Jennifer Katz, was indicted for murder. He will be arraigned in Westchester County Court on Monday.

Almost six months after 49-year old Mamaroneck resident Jennifer Katz was found dead in her Baldwin Place home on December 30, the Westchester grand jury has charged 55-year old Reginald Powell—early identified as a person of interest in the case—with murder.

According to the Deputy Communications Director for the Westchester DA’s Office Tracy Everson, Reginald was indicted on nine felony charges including first and second degree murder, second degree burglary, two counts each of third degree grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, criminal possession of a controlled substance as well as a misdemeanor drug possession charge.  Reginald faces a maximum sentence of life in prison, Everson said.

Reginald will be arraigned on Monday in Westchester County Court before the County Court Judge Barry Warhit at 9:30 a.m.

John Malik, Katz’s brother, was surprised to hear about the indictment and said that he had not heard any recent updates on the case.

“It’s just so upsetting that they don’t call you,” he said, referring to his frustration with the dearth of information that had been released for the past few months.

Katz was acquainted with Reginald—who occasionally did repairs on her home—through her ex-boyfriend, Warren Powell, who is Reginald’s brother.  Reginald was caught driving Katz’s car in New York City on Dec. 30, and, when he was pulled over, was found to have some of her jewelry.  Reginald was charged with felony burglary and has been in Westchester County Jail in Valhalla since then. 

In 1982, Reginald shot a killed cab driver on the New England Thruway by shooting him the face.  According to parole records, Reginald has had problems on and off with drugs since he was thirteen, when he tried heroin for the first time.   In October of 2008, Reginald was paroled after two previous denials in 2004 and 2006, when family members, including his brother, Bishop Wayne Powell of Strait Gate Church in Mamaroneck, petitioned for his early release.

Katz was a divorced mother of two daughters, who both attended local schools.  Her ex-husband, Ronald Katz, lives in North Carolina.


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