Motherhood—The Hardest Job You Love to Hate/Hate to Love

Motherhood is hard. Here's a book that will inspire you; now help to bring it to fruition!!


Being a mom....Well, let's just say there are easier jobs out there. I think president of the United States might be one of them. Not until I became a mom did I learn the life-affirming skills of peeing while breast feeding; creating a well balanced meal of halibut, rice and vegetables, then puréeing it (and yes, my eldest promptly spit it out); and entertaining my little loves while trying to navigate three errands, two  phone calls and one meltdown. Financial crisis? Global defense? You got nothing on a full scale tantrum in aisle three.

I would by no means call myself Super Mom and I usually end the day with a laundry list of things I promise myself I will do better the following day. And just like most moms, I pick myself up, dust myself off and do it again tomorrow. That's the true spirit of a job where there is no lunch hour, your quarterly review might come in the form of hugs and kisses, or your boss telling you plain and simple that "you stink" today. But we moms move on, because something we created implores us to.

Ali Smith, a photographer and friend of a dear friend of mine is doing just that. She wrote a book entitled Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives. She put nine years into a collection of stories about 40 different mothers and the ups and downs of their journeys. They include Oscar-nominated actress Amy Ryan, who is parenting in the world of image obsessed Hollywood and Diana Colbert, parenting a toddler in the midst of her own impending death. 

Six months ago Smith got a book deal to get Momma Love published. Three months later, they folded, taking the money she had contributed with them. Take a look at this clip for a sampling:


Let me ATTEMPT to say it a bit more eloquently than Taylor Swift did- There is a special place ingrained in the spirit of all mothers when we help each other out. 

Send this along, take one click to post on your Facebook, and help her get this book published in time for Mother's Day! 

Oh, and make sure to give yourself some slack today in aisle three, compliments of Playgrounds, Pinot and Kale.

Please pledge via the kickstart website and forward on!! Support your fellow mamas!


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