Patch Comments: 'Shall We Get Rid of the Freedom of the Press ...?'

Putnam County's effort to keep gun permit records from the Journal News, a school district's response to the Sandy Hook shootings, and Hurricane Sandy donation tallies are just some of the topics lighting up the Patch comments boards.

Former County Executive Andrew O'Rourke Dies

"A great man...its a real loss for all of us who knew him" -- Former Councilman James Martorano

"It is too bad that Tim Idoni (Westchester County Clerk) did not protect his constituents from this irresponsible and senseless invasion of privacy." -- newrochellesouth

... and ...

"You mean break the law by refusing a freedom of information request on public records? Shall we get rid of the freedom of the press as well to protect middle aged teenagers from being embarrassed by their toys of mass destruction?" -- My Patriotism is Bigger than Your Patriotism

Man Who Bolted From Kisco Meeting to Close Shop

"I thought he was going out of business for the last ten years or so. I have lived in Mount Kisco for 20 year and never stepped in his shop, good guy? bad guy? I don't know, but I will say this, the store is a rented now. Who's really going to rent it now. Can you say Border's, Victoria Secret, Art Emporium, Wine Junction, Dansk, Baskin Robins, Villa Rina, Mount Kisco Kosher, Enzo's..... SURE YA CAN. If we are not careful this town will have more vacancies then the Bates Motel. Dennis A." -- Dennis Adorno

"These charitable donations are wonderful and I am among the many who contributed. I have to say though, after learning about Obama's newly signed fiscal bill, I probably would of thought twice about donating since I'm going to end up paying for this with increased taxes. I wonder if others who donated would do it again knowing that over $30Bn of the fiscal cliff tax hikes (which are supposed to reduce the deficit) are actually earmarked for Hurricane Sandy recovery. What are others thoughts on this." -- dbel6955

School Superintendents Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence

"Start dealing with the outrageous pensions and health care benefits for educators and perhaps you will find the money to protect our children. Choosing gilt edge pensions and benefit programs over the safety of our kids is disgraceful. The Superintendent has very distorted sense of priorities. Money in the pockets of teachers trumps the lives of our children." -- Watchdog

... and ...

"I thought that Dr Morgano's three pronged approach was right on the mark. I have heard that the CPD is very proactive in dealing with potential incidents in our schools." -- Mike Hirsch

"It is utterly absurd that, in a modern rational society, greater restrictions should be placed upon owning a car then upon owning a gun. That, however, is exactly the situation that exists in the United States, thanks to the efforts of the NRA and the gun lobby. My position is that owning a gun should be treated at least as seriously as the operation of a motor vehicle. In order to drive a car you have to have a driver's license, the car must be registered and inspected, and you must maintain insurance. I don't see any rational reason why, in a modern society, owning a firearm should be treated any differently than that. I see absolutely no reason why gun owners should think that is asking too much of them." -- Robert Guttman

... and ...

"Owning a car is a privilege in this country. Owning a firearm is a guaranteed right. And, that right shall not be abridged. This "modern rational society" you refer to is less civilized than the society of a hundred years ago. It is child's thinking to believe that criminals would line up to register their weapons, have them inspected, and be responsible for them. I beg of you, sir, do a simple thing - look up the Natl Rifle Assoc in say, Wikipedia or something. You are obviously unfamiliar with the organization you speak of. They are one of the most anti-crime organizations in existence in the world. You should be thankful that they advocate adherence to the greatest law of the land, The Constitution of the United States. Unlike the gun-haters I would add." -- amerpatriot

Should You Know Which Homes Have Guns? [POLL]

"We should not buy the JN. Cancel your subscription or don't buy this Rag." -- The real facts 

C Gajowski January 08, 2013 at 03:07 PM
Richard Mendes, you are right about the Constitutional mandate for the Census. And I would think that if people want to represented, they would welcome being counted. For northcountyhound to brag about using a weapon to threaten someone - especially given that this current debate was initiated by angry individuals using similar weapons to kill people - is an example of the sort of thinking that is extremely disturbing, and what would concern neighbors. But only pistol permits are reflected in the public information, an issue which seems to be missed. I too am concerned that public officials believe thay can pick and choose which laws - laws passed by other officials - to enforce and which to obey
John Q. Public January 08, 2013 at 03:15 PM
Abby, The Journal News has become irrelevant. This story was their last gasp attempt to gain an audience. The only reason people buy it is for the comics and the coupons. It is so thin, so insubstantial, so filled with Gannett stories from elsewhere, you have to go to News 12 for any real local news. Every now and again, the Patch does something, but Rasheed is probably overworked and understaffed. He has to be selective.
Francis T McVetty January 09, 2013 at 07:35 PM
Tony I, the "real" press? Are you kidding, what real press? CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, "the New York Themes, the Journal news?
Francis T McVetty January 09, 2013 at 07:47 PM
The "census" has gotten TOO intrusive. There are questions that are asked that have absolutely nothing to do with what was originally intended by the founders. Has anyone, who is on medicare, been to the doctors office lately? Wait till you see the questions you have to answer. The government wants to know TOO much stuff about our PERSONAL lives. Half of the questions have NO medical purposes!!! The questions are more invasive than the actual medical exam.
Harry One March 27, 2013 at 12:15 AM
The JN would publish your medical records free press. PS jhe jn has armed guards at there homes and office


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