Letter to the Editor: Cohen Will Fight Status Quo

Ashley Ward of New Rochelle said Republican Bob Cohen is the State Senate candidate she prefers to send to Albany.


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I met Bob Cohen, State Senate candidate, a few times during his campaign and greatly appreciate that he is a refreshing change from the usual candidates. All too often, we have to choose between status quo politicians, but this is not the case with Bob. Conversely, Bob’s opponent has been in office for 25 years-my entire life-even though this career politician once favored term limits. This impresses me. I want someone to represent me who has had a real job.

Bob Cohen is exactly what we need in the State Senate. He has spent his career in the private sector; truly understands the challenges facing our businesses and families; and wants to take his wisdom to Albany to push for bold change and reform. It is clear that Bob genuinely will fight to save New York State. He realizes how high taxes are driving people, especially my generation, out of New York. I've grown up in Westchester; every day I hear people say that the cost of living is too high and they may have to leave. The cause: New York has the highest taxes in country. Thankfully, Bob is ready to fight for tax relief and spending reductions.

It may be hard for Bob Cohen to fight the status quo in Albany, but on Election Day I will certainly be casting my vote for Bob and give him a chance to save my home and state.

Ashley Ward
New Rochelle

Nancy October 26, 2012 at 11:48 AM
So you met him, you liked what you heard and now you're a supporter. Unfortunately, he hasn't said anything tangible on mandates, except that he'd get rid of them. Easy to say, but not very credible. Ever wonder why the State GOP is so aggressively funding his mailers? Could it be to maintain control of the State Senate? Ever wonder why the State Senate under GOP majority hasn't pushed for mandate reform? Do you really think Bob Cohen will have any influence over the GOP majority in the State Senate to push for mandate reform, even if he gets around to understanding and articulating what's involved? As far as term limits, so you expect Latimer to self-impose term limits on himself, without the same rule applying to everyone else? Ashley, thank you for taking the time to think about these issues. You're right that we have many challenges in the state, but I urge you to dig further than the slogans and one-liners that are standing in the way of real dialogue. I urge you to look again at George Latimer, he's an honest, diligent, smart and well-informed politician, a rare creature these days. He deserves our support.
Ramsey October 26, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Ms. Ward sounds like a lovely, concerned young woman, but a look at the registration rolls reveals that she is a registered Republican daughter of two registered Republicans who lives roughly 100 yards away from Bob Cohen. Her letter reads like a campaign press release. As far as Cohen fighting the status quo: this year he has already taken well over a million and a half dollars in assistance from the State Republican Senate Committee, the same Republicans who have controlled the State Senate for 70 of the past 73 years. By the end of the campaign, this figure will be well over $2 million. This doesn't sound like someone getting ready to fight the status quo.
Harold1968 October 26, 2012 at 08:41 PM
George Latimer will continue to raise your taxes. Vote for Bob Cohen. George Latimer ELIMINATED the New Rochelle property tax cap, he didn't vote for the NYS property tax cap, he didn't vote for pension reform. George Latimer is owned by the public employee unions. If you want your taxes, which are the highest in THE COUNTRY, to continue to go up (so police officers and teachers can retire in their 40's and 50's with generous, guaranteed pensions) then vote for George Latimer. The typical taxpayer is going to work into their late 60's or 70's to support this privileged class of public sector employees. If you vote for George Latimer then add another year onto your working life. Vote for Bob Cohen.
Ralph October 26, 2012 at 10:14 PM
Bob Cohen might be a nice, wealthy neighbor (while George Laimer has been extremely ably representing you and me in White Plains, and then in Albany, earning what a person in such a position earns, Bob has been doing absolutely nothing for us, but has been making money for himself, an absolutely permissible activity but not one that qualifies one for public office--think Donald Trump or, for that matter, Mitt Romney--but remember that both of them inherited major money from their parents, a nice way to start out). Moreover, whereas George's campaign has been funded by local contributors (such as yours truly) Bob's campaign is being heavily funded by the State Republican Party, in an effort to eliminate one of the most honest, hardest working, smartest, absolutely best members of the NYS Leglislature there is, George Latimer, from office. As a person who has been active in community activities in our area for four decades I can state, from my own experience (not because I met him once), that George is always there when you need him, but now he needs us. Cohen's incessant mailers, newspaper ads (two this week in one weekly alone) and even TV ads are merely a Republican effort to strip our area of representation by the guy we really need, in fact the type of guy our entire state needs. Only we can stop that from happening. We need George Latimer in our State Legislature, but we do not need Bob Cohen there. I urge you to vote for George on Election Day.
Harold1968 October 27, 2012 at 01:47 AM
George has given us the highest taxes in the country. George did not vote to cap NYS property taxes, George eliminated the property tax cap in New Rochelle, George did not vote for pension reform. Feel free to google any of these issues if you don't believe me. His supporters will use smoke and mirrors to try to distract people from these facts - but when push comes to shove he supports unions not taxpayers. Vote for Bob Cohen if you want lower taxes. Vote for George if you want the highest taxes in the country to go even higher.
j. desmond November 05, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Cohen IS the status quo. One more lawyer is just one more lawyer. Who doesn't want lower taxes? Even I could run on the simplistic platform I've heard from his campaign, and I'm a Democrat.What needs to happen is to break the deadlock and managed legislation in Albany. Cohen and his poisonous campaign won't replace the experience and honesty of George Latimer.


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