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The weather is supposed to reside at a manageable mid-40s this whole week. Are we on the downslide of winter? Lord, I sure hope so!  

One sign of the weather getting warmer is that you will see a lot more folks out exercising thier option NOT to jump in their gas guzzlers (relax, I have one too.) and running. I contacted a few of my friends who I know are avid runners and are itching to get outside after being cooped up all winter. I know they were reputable sources as I am sure I have almost plowed them down while doing my usual 10-minute late to school shuffle—sorry 'bout that. I've asked them for some of the best running routes in the area. Here's what they got for Playgrounds, Pino and Kale readers:

Route #1 From Rachael - This route will give you a fair amount of:

A. People watching

B. Real estate porn

C. Places to stop along the way and consider how the hell you got yourself into this.

Start near the brook.
Run down Forest Avenue towards Murray Avenue School.
Turn left onto North Chatsworth, which turns into Chatsworth, and continue past town, past Chatsworth Avenue School.
Turn right on to Addison Street, and then immediate left onto Larchmont Avenue.
Continue down Larchmont Avenue and zig zag (to the right) to Beach Avenue, which will take you to Manor Park (right on the water!).
At Manor Park, there is a running path that will take you along the water to the end of the park.
Turn around and repeat.

Route #2 From an anonymous reader - This route will give you:

A. A fair amount of non-threatening hills.

B. A prance through a beach club to heighten your spirits for summer.

C. Places to stop along the way and consider how the hell you got yourself into this.

Start at the water at Orienta and the wall-entrance to Flaggler Drive, but don't even THINK about going in or the security guard will chase you down and pull you out (this is his only responsibility, BTW.).
Run down Orienta to the bike lane (avoid many oversized poodles and downed carcass trees from Sandy), enjoy view of spec houses...still for sale.
Turn onto Cove Road. Take opportunity to hurdle-jump over potholes and giggle at those who actually wanted the town to pay for it.....controversial? 
Continue through Hommocks Middle School back parking lot (wave at any children you have there as you glide freely through your few hours of solitude.).
Continue on through Manor Park.

A. Return and repeat or

B. Go back on Post Road to Orienta and stop by Trader Joe's to pick up dinner for kids and "one bite brownies" to reward self for said run.

End at Orienta and run to end in manner of Rocky being chased by 100 children to the top of the steps in Philly (but kids will be replaced by oversized poodles again).

Next...here are some of the best songs to light a little fire under your stride:

"Locked out of Heaven"-Bruno Mars

"It's Time"-Imagine Dragons


"Take Me Out"-Franz Ferdinand

"Gold Digger"-Kayne West

"I Love It"-Icona Pop

"Dog Days Are Over"-Florence and The Machine

Lastly-there is no need to drop the kids off or show up at the grocery store looking like the posterchild for lululemon. Click the pics for some local pieces that you can mix in to take you from beating the pavement to beating the afterschool activity scene.

Vive la sweatpants!!


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