Where to Get a Decent Blow Out in the 'Burbs

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I am currently in the process of growing my hair out. I saw a late night episode of The Brady Bunch and decided I was looking more like Carol Brady than Michelle Williams and could make it a few more years with long locks before I resort to the mommy helmet head I know awaits me in my future. 

My other secret dirty pleasure is a scalp massage. The upside of having short hair is that you need to get it cut enough that you can justify the trip to the salon and sink into the chair for an awesome head massage before they chop your locks - ahhhhhh.

But now my hair is somewhere in hair purgatory—neither long nor short and the dreaded "in between"—cue the dramatic "dah dah dahhhhh." So, I have taken to treating myself to the occasional blow out to get through.

Picture it...you wake from a slumber that seemed like a trip to the spa—but this is the mommy version—including having been woken three times for monster exorcism, parched mouth syndrome or, my all time favorite, "Where's my teddy!!"

You saunter to the bathroom to brush your teeth (a.k.a. 5 min of "me time") and there staring back at you from the mirror is the Bride of Frankenstein. Whip it into a ponytail; two gluten-free muffins and one pair of stretchy pants later and you're on your way to school drop-off and the gym. With time still to kill before pick-up, why not stop by Larchmont's Salon Firefly for a blowout?

After the scalp massage whisks you away to your happy place, a trained stylist blows your locks out and provides a shine on your mane to make even the Prell girl jealous. (Picture 2, check out happy smile!)

Massimo, one of the co-owners of the studio, is a hipster and recent transplant to the 'burbs who still works part-time at Bumble and Bumble in the hair- competitive city. He spends the other half of his time coaching hockey here in Mamaroneck; tinkering with more motorcycles than he knows what to do with; and fixing his boat. A "jack of trades" to say the least.

Blow-outs start at $50. Stop by all day today for any treatment and the first 24 that read this column receive a free bottle of B&B Straight Blow Dry (so your hair won't look like straw after you get addicted.). 

And pop by Pink on Palmer afterwards to pick up this magical dry shampoo powder (Picture 4).

For 50 smackers you better make that "do" last through the weekend!

All thanks to Playgrounds, Pinot and Kale...race ya' to the "forward" button!

Salon Firefly 2134 Boston Post Rd., 914-630-4424


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