"Poopendous!" Pops Up in Hastings

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Poopendous! Pops Up in Hastings on Hudson!

Free: Meet acclaimed children’s book author Artie Bennett on Saturday, December 15, at the Galapagos Books annual holiday bookfair, 22 Main St., Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706 (914-478-2501) (11 am-5 pm). Artie, author of the best-selling, highly praised The Butt Book, will be there to sign and discuss—and read!—his superfun new book, Poopendous! Hailed as the Dr. Seuss of your caboose, Artie will also sign and discuss his picture-book classic, The Butt Book. You won’t want to miss it!

“Everyone poops—yes, it’s true—from aardvarks to the humped zebu.”

     Artie Bennett, author of the award-winning and much-acclaimed The Butt Book, delivers the inside scoop on every type and use of poop in his “number two,” spanking-new picture book, Poopendous! In hilarious verses, with eye-popping illustrations, Poopendous! relates the many, often remarkable uses of poop throughout the world while paying homage to its prolific producers, from cats to bats to wombats! Virtuoso illustrator Mike Moran gives us a veritable Noah's Ark of critters doing their less-than-solemn doody. So pick up your pooper-scooper and come along for a riotously rib-tickling ride. You just may agree that poop is truly quite . . .  poopendous!

      As Artie Bennett says, “Now that The Butt Book was out and selling like hotcakes, I cast about for the perfect follow-up and I thought that, perhaps, a children’s book in verse about poop would be the ticket. In fact, what more fertile topic could there be for one’s ‘number two’ picture book. And when the word ‘poopendous’ came to me out of the blue, I knew I had both the title and the final spread for my next book. Curiously, just like with The Butt Book, I now sat down to write a memorable, rousing ending first before working my way back through the manuscript.”

     The Butt Book, which came out in 2010, illustrated by the superb scratchboard artist Mike Lester, was a runaway hit. The initial print run sold out in its first two months, and it was showered with praise (“Uproariously funny” –The Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection; “Its clever rhymes and Mike Lester’s bold and beautiful images make it an instant hit!” –Teach with Picture Books; The Butt Book is one of those books that is a delight for both the child and the parent” –BSC Kids; “A hilarious rhyming tribute to our bottom end” –A Cozy Reader’s Corner). It became a must-read for countless parents and children, as it gently and comically imparted an anatomy lesson. Teachers and librarians found it hysterically funny—and educational to boot. It was described as a "gateway book," one that shows youngsters how much fun a book can be. Educators proclaimed that a book like The Butt Book can spur a lifelong love of reading. And now comes Poopendous! Let the merriment continue.

     Visit ArtieBennett.com for even more of the scoop on poop, including pages of fascinating poop trivia, as well as some fun butt-related stuff, including some fascinating butt trivia, words for the butt, even a classic butt joke.


A small smattering of reviews:

“For anyone who loved The Butt Book, you must immediately go and buy Artie Bennett’s follow-up, Poopendous! It appears there is no topic Mr. Bennett can’t make funny and educational. There aren’t many picture books that teach kids that “Monkeys fling when under stress. It helps the monkey decompress” and “Seeds inside a critter’s poop might go as far as Guadeloupe!” I’m not kidding when I say this came in handy at my son’s preschool last week.”

            —The Huffington Post

"If Dr. Seuss decided to write about bodily functions, he probably would have come up with something as zany as Poopendous! Do you want your kids to be eager to read? I bet this book will help. Highly recommended!"
           —The Children's and Teens' Book Connection


"There are kernels of wisdom in Poopendous!, but the main point is entertainment."

            —Publishers Weekly


“Guess what?!? We already have Poopendous!, and I have even been known to give spontaneous in-store readings. What a delightful, hilarious, informative, fascinating book.

Thank you for writing to us, and for writing such great books! Best of luck to you, and hip-poop-hooray!”

            —Tegan Tigani, children’s book buyer for Queen Anne Books


"Artie Bennett’s newest story covers a loaded topic that is immensely funny and surprisingly educational. Poopendous! engages my 4-year-old son’s mind and tickles his funny bone. He simply adores this book. We have actually read Poopendous! so many times that my son recites it from memory. Poopendous! takes you on a fun adventure discovering the many practical uses of poop. Now after reading Poopendous! nearly a hundred times, many insightful conversations have been initiated by my son regarding poop and its many uses. The story flows amazing well with Bennett’s clever rhyming words and the funny illustrations by Mike Moran. I can honestly say I never thought I would enjoy a book about poop but Poopendous! is an engaging story that you won’t soon forget.”

            —The Children's Nook


“Artie has done it again. Kids of all ages love to talk about poop, and Artie creatively capitalized on that with his colorful, educational, and funny book Poopendous!

           —Family and Life in Las Vegas

"If you are looking for a really funny book, with great pictures, any kid will sit through, this is the book. Artie Bennett obviously knows what makes kids laugh and the former children’s librarian in me applauds him for his use of unique vocabulary and content that keeps kids engaged and talking."

             —Long Days, Short Years  


The Best Picture Books of Summer 2012

“A new classic for the potty genre! Who doesn’t crack up when it comes to potty talk? (Maybe grandmas?) Artie Bennett first impressed us with The Butt Book (LOVE) and he’s delighting us with Poopendous!, an everything poops book whose rhymes work perfectly (and I’m picky about rhyming books) to delight and impress young (and old) readers.”

            —Imagination Soup


Poopendous! is a hysterical look at a bodily function everyone can relate to from the smallest bird to the largest human. It’s a clever way to show children that pooping is no big deal and can actually be quite helpful."

              —Margo Dill


Five Enthusiastic Stars

“When I was looking through the list of author signings for BEA 2012, I was definitely on the lookout for books that would not only entertain but also educate my three-and-a-half-year-old son. When I pulled the books out of my suitcases and we looked through the stack, he picked this one out right away and we haven’t stopped reading it since! Poopendous! promises to give you “the inside scoop on every type and use of poop” and this picture book certainly delivers!             

             —Bewitched Bookworms


"Screamingly funny."

              —Centre Daily Times


"A book like Artie Bennett’s Poopendous! comes in so incredibly handy. It treats the subject pretty matter-of-factly. The rhymes and illustrations make it nicely lighthearted. It does a beautiful job of walking the line between ‘everyone does it and it’s just part of life’ and ‘it’s not something you want to bring in for show-and-tell.’ Plus, it’s so packed with information that it’s perfect for a parent whose kid is firmly in the ‘why’  phase but who doesn’t want to dig up a lot of fecal facts."

             —New York Family


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