Mamaroneck Community Activist Appears on HuffPost Live Panel

Guisela Marroquin, a Mamaroneck community activist, was chosen to speak on a HuffPost Live panel on the topic of education in the Latino community.


As Director of the (CAP) and an honors graduate student at Hunter School of Social Work, Guisela Marroquin—who originally came to Mamaroneck from Guatemala—is an example of someone for whom education made all the difference in her life.

Although two million Hispanics are currently enrolled in college—the largest minority on campuses according to the Huffington Post—many obstacles remain for Hispanic students who are often unprepared for college work and must take remedial courses to "catch up," said Community Activist Luis Quiros.

"The other thing that effects us is that we're often tracked...I was, because of my grades, on a different track than many of my Latino peers," said Marroquin, speaking on a HuffPost Live segment on the topic that aired yesterday.

"For them it's also a challenge that once they're tracked or in special education courses, they're also not prepared to enter college-level courses," she said.

But for Marroquin, it's equally important to lend support to those who are still struggling with the process.

"I'm giving back to the community I grew up in because there's a big Latino population here..and for families as well, to create that support; it can't be a journey you take by yourself as a student," she said.

To watch the whole segment on HuffPost Live, please click here. 


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