Fake Water Company Employees, Service Interruptions in Town of Mamaroneck

Residents in the Weaver Street area should expect service interruptions in their water tomorrow, Jan. 10.


Residents of Weaver Street in the Town of Mamaroneck have two things to worry about: an impending service interruption and a report of water company employee imposters.

In a scene that has played out before in the Village of Mamaroneck with Con Ed imposters, a Weaver Street resident reported several individuals had misrepresented themselves as water company employees, according to a notice sent out by the village earlier today.

Village officials reiterated safety precautions that residents can take:

All WJWW [Westchester Joint Water Works] employees are required to carry photo identification with them and to produce this identification upon request. If you experience a situation in which someone presents themself as a WJWW employee, and refuses to produce their WJWW photo ID, the village recommends that you refuse them entry into your home and to immediately contact the police.

This information is particularly pertinant as the WJWW will have employees stationed in the Weaver Street area tomorrow while valve repairs are being worked on.  The following areas can expect service interruptions (excerpted from the WJWW website):

  • Valve repairs on Weaver Street will result in water service interruptions during the day on Thursday on Weaver Street from Bonnie Briar Lane to Rockland Ave; Murray Ave from Weaver Street to Forest Avenue and Bonnie Briar Lane from Oakdale Road to Weaver Street, including Boxborough Road and Highland Road.
  • Water discoloration is possible in this vicinity during and after the repair.
  • If you experience discolored water, run cold water on the lowest level of your home for several minutes until the condition clears. If the discoloration does not clear, wait several minutes and repeat the process.
  • Do not do laundry or run hot water while the discoloration is present.   


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