Blind Date with a Book: Mamaroneck Library Pairs Patrons with Unknown Titles

Library patrons may be surprised by the book they pick up this week.


Many dread the idea of being set up on a blind date with an unknown suitor, envisioning forced conversation with someone potentially unappealing despite the well-intentioned gesture from family or friends. 

But what about a blind date with a book?

From Feb. 11-14, the Mamaroneck Public Library will be displaying approximately 15 books across from the reference desk, their titles and authors obscured by brown paper wrapping as part of "Blind Date with a Book." The only clue as to what's hidden beneath the cover will be a one or two word description of the genre written on the front.

"The idea is they can check it out and ready something they might not ordinarily pick up," said Linda Bhandari, a program coordinator at the Library.

"Like a blind date, you don't know what you're getting into."

Patrons may remove the brown wrapping once they exit the Library, but not before.


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