Black History Month on Display in Larchmont

Anderson's Book Shop offers African American tomes.


If you're not one for remembering holidays, consider using Anderson's Book Shop as a calendar.

The business, nestled near the corner of Chatsworth and Palmer Avenues, features a string of holiday-relevant displays throughout the year—and currently, Martin Luther King, Jr. is in the spotlight.

"It's our Black History Month display," explained employee Jenny Siegel. In the store's front window and within, tomes about civil rights are stacked neatly—and will remain throughout February.

"We try to do a display for whatever the month is," Siegel added.

It's an easy-enough duty to uphold during Christmas season and Halloween, and even the start of the year, when Women's History Month and Poetry Month take root.

But in the summer, the number of holidays to draw on dwindles.

"There's nothing for August," Siegel notes. "What can you do?"


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