The Wedding of the Year's Cake May Come from Scarsdale

Rumors are floating around that Scarsdale's own Lulu's Cake Boutique is providing Chelsea Clinton's wedding cake for her Saturday fete.

If it seems like everybody is talking about Chelsea Clinton's wedding these days, it's probably because everyone is. 

Rumors are swirling around about the super secret details of the former First Daughter of the United State's July 31 wedding, which is rumored to be taking place at John Jacob Astor IV's former 50-acre country estate – now called the Astor Courts – in nearby Rhinebeck, NY. Clinton, 30, will wed longtime boyfriend  Marc Mezvinsky, 32, and speculation has been flying about the local vendors tapped to cater the family of American royalty.

The latest we're hearing is that one of Scarsdale's favorite among foodies, on Garth Road, has been asked to provide the big cake: Lulu Cake Boutique.

According to The New York Times, suppliers for the wedding have signed a confidentiality agreement, but regardless, details are starting to surface.

Jerry Eimbinder, a food writer and Patch freelancer, was watching Good Morning America as well as Eyewitness News this afternoon when he immediately recognized Lulu's logo on the television screen.

Lulu's owners were unable to be reached today, and the shop is closed.

ABC has been running coverage about the wedding and details emerged that the cake would be coming from a local Scarsdale bakery.

Now, there are a few bakeries in town, but thanks to his detective-like discovery and quick eye, it seems as though one piece of the puzzle has been found.

"The first clue was on ABC News when they mentioned that a Scarsdale bakery had been hired for [creating the cake]. Then I re-watched the story and saw Lulu's logo on the screen," said Eimbinder. "They didn't mention it by name, but I saw the logo, and I know the bakery and owner quite well. They're known for their wedding cakes."

Oliver Cheng Catering, a lower Manhattan company that was mentioned in The Wall Street Journal as one of the food preparers for the wedding declined to comment, as did Boston-area's Blue Ribbon B-B-Q Catering, whose catering manager let out a nervous laugh when asked if Lulu was indeed making the cake, before saying, "I don't think I can confirm that." 

Scarsdale residents know and love Lulu for their delicious and ultra-aesthetically pleasing delicacies, but the little bake shop is known far and wide for their wedding cakes with flair.

[Lulu has a special place in Patch's heart for donating piles of delicious cookies to our July 15 Gulf wildlife fundraiser that, along with La Renaissance and Christie Place Bakery, we were able to raise more than $1,100 for the National Wildlife Fund.]

According to the Associated Press, the total cost of the wedding is rumored between $3 and $5 million, and with regional vendors being used, it can only be a welcome boon for the local economy.

Of course, none of the many little secrets of the fete will be revealed until after the wedding, but...well, come on, it's always fun to speculate. 


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