Mamaroneck Schools Closed; Village Officials Recommend Kids Sit Out Halloween

As many as 2/3 of Mamaroneck Village residents are still without power; downed trees and debris are still being cleaned up after Sandy's wrath.


The Village of Mamaroneck has released the following information:

Electricity Outage

The Village of Mamaroneck has been informed by Con Edison that approximately one-half to two-thirds of the village is without electricity. Based on cutting and clearing operations and power line and transformer restoration, the village and the entire New York Metropolitan area has been advised for it to take at least a week to restore electricity. For comparison purposes and perspective on the breadth of the damage, in Con Edison’s regional territory for Hurricane Irene there were slightly over 200,000 homes and businesses (customers) without power. In this storm, there are slightly more than 800,000 customers in the same territory without power after Hurricane Sandy. We will keep you informed.

Trees and Branches

 Trees and limbs that have been damaged and blown down have reached numbers totaling several hundred around the entire village.  At this point, the procedures and priorities are determined in a manner that will cut and clear downed trees and wires so that roads are opened and restored for traffic. After that, Con Edison will move ahead with their electricity restoration efforts. As the cutting and clearing operations proceed through both Con Ed and village crews as well as crews from our contractors, it is most efficient to cut trees and branches and clear the roads and leave the tree branches and trunks at each location. We will make a second sweep to collect all of that debris.  

The efforts to open and restore roads to traffic will take a couple of days.  The efforts to go around the entire village and clean up all of the debris will take a few weeks.


Due to the power outages, the Village of Mamaroneck government’s phone lines are heavily affected, and will take some time for utility companies to restore power and restore phone service; this includes cell phone service as well. Until such time as the electricity is restored regionally—which will put landline phone stations and wireless cell towers back in service—the best way to reach the village is by email. Unless it is emergency, recovery-related or other urgent or emergency communication, we ask that you be patient until emergency operations have proceeded for another day or two so we keep our focus on recovery and restoration efforts.


At this time, in light of all of the electricity outages, downed trees, and downed electrical lines, the village is very strongly recommending that parents keep children home and not participate in trick-or-treating, for everyone’s safety.

Parks, especially Harbor Island Park and Pavilion, and Sportime Tennis Operations

Pavilion: Based on the severe coastal flooding experienced around the region, the village experienced significant flooding and damage to Harbor Island Park. At this time, due to flooding, Harbor Island Pavilion is closed for emergency cleaning and restoration until further notice (at least through the end of this week).  

Fields: The Parks Department will assess damage to the fields and will provide a date when programs can resume.

Tennis: Due to flooding and the loss of electricity to Harbor Island Park, the Tennis Bubble has lost power; the electric fans cannot operate to inflate the tennis bubbles; and the tennis courts will not be operational until electricity has been restored; the fans can be put back in service; and the bubbles can be cleaned and reinflated.

Schools: Mamaroneck and Rye Neck Schools will be closed on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012.

Mass Transit: Bee Line Buses will be instituting a very limited schedule.

deborah adair October 30, 2012 at 11:47 PM
Praying for everyones safety and services to be restored soon.
Alexandra McKenna October 31, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Are schools closed tomarrow in NYC?


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