Area Children Got Spooned at the Larchmont Library

Jim Krzewski, a.k.a Jim Cruise, a.k.a. The Spoon Man has played the spoons all over the world, performing for world leaders and celebrities. Today, Wednesday, February 19, he played them for nearly 200 area children at the Larchmont Village Center located directly behind the Larchmont Public Library. The children looked at him expectantly and that’s when the Spoon Man, in his tropical shirt and fedora, turned on his music and started jammin'. He hops, he bops, the spoons becoming a silver blur as they clackety-clackety-clack against his thighs, on his rear end (the kid crowd loves this move), and he even plays them on a little boy's head.

Then Spoon Man got serious. "I'm gonna share three secrets," he told the children. "I said no to drugs. I listened to my teachers -- I graduated from high school and college. And I didn't give up." He tells how he got hooked on reading, and how it made his other school work easier. "Reading," he tells the kids, "is like lifting weights for your brain."

"The spoons are a hook," he says. "The spoons get peoples' attention." He certainly had the attention of every child and adult in attendance.


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